A well-fitted suit makes the man. If you’re going to take advantage of our Made-To-Measure service for your wedding or business suit, book an appointment with us at our Bedford shop and we’ll measure you up.

We also offer our suits in standard “off-the-peg” sizing, which you can try on in store. If you can’t make it to the store, provide us with measurements for the body as listed below. It helps to wear a well fitting shirt and trousers when taking your measurements. We’re on hand to help you get the best fit, so contact us if you need any help.

And finally, if you’re hiring from us, all we need to know in order to reserve your garments is the measurements for your chest, belly, sleeve length, waist and inside leg.

Sleeve Length – This measurement is taken from the tip of the shoulder, down to the point where the thumb meets the forefinger. Tip: If you’re wearing a well-fitting shirt, use the seam between sleeve and front of shirt as a starting point.

Jacket Length – Take this measurement from the seam that runs across the top of your shoulder of your shirt, down to the knuckle of your thumb.

Chest – Take a measurement across the widest point on the chest, with arms relaxed and hanging down, and the tape measure midway across your shoulder blades. Tip: Make sure the measuring tape stays horizontally level.

Belly – This is the measurement around the waist at belly button height.

Waist – Measure around the natural waist, lower than the belly. Tip: If you’re wearing a well fitting pair of suit trousers, this measurement forms the waist band so as well as measuring your waist, please let us know what size trouser you usually wear.

Hips – Measure around the widest point on the hips, just lower than your waist measurement.
Jacket Length – Take this measurement from the tip of the shoulder, down the front of the body to the thumb knuckle. Tip: On a well-fitting shirt, this will begin at the top seam connecting the front and back of the shirt.

Inside Leg – From the inside leg starting at the crotch measure down to the ankle bone Tip: Your trousers should sit, without buckling, at the same level as the highest lace of your shoe.