The Vintage Suit Range

We stock a small but perfectly formed selection of vintage-style suits in colours to suit whatever style of wedding you are creating. All our styles can be tailored to your measurements with our Own-Your-Own service and are available for hire. We can also work with you to finish your outfit with the perfect accessories for your unique day.

The Southwold

A striking blue 3-piece wool suit with contrasting brown buttons, and can be worn dressed up with a tie, or casually with a cravat or an open collar.

The Burford

The 3-piece Burford is perfect for rural weddings and can be dressed to create the look of the landed gentry, or a more folky informal look.

The Harrogate

A grey feint herringbone pattern is a timeless, flexible style for any colour scheme, and looks great in either a city style or with some patterned accessories and braces.

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