Initial Consultation Appointments - What to Expect


If you haven’t had the experience of visiting us, or any suit hire shop for that matter, you may be wondering about the process and how we operate. Over a little group of blog posts, we’re going to be telling all about appointments at The Vintage Suit Hire Company. First in the series is the initial consultation appointment, where you can meet us and discuss your suit requirements.

The first thing to tell you about the way we run our shop is our Appointment-Only system. This ensures that when you arrive, you have the run of the shop, there’s no-one sharing your experience or catching our attention; we’re all yours! We usually suggest for an initial appointment, the grooms comes along with either his other half or best man, so he can ensure that the suit is right for him.

The first thing that’ll hit you on entering The VSHC is that we don’t surround you with overwhelming racks of suits and stuffy service  – we have comfortable seating, a bar (very important!) and we greet you with a friendly smile. We welcome you in to our quirky lounge with a mug of Yorkshire tea or our rather awesome Rave coffee from our beautiful proper coffee machine (you can tell we’re a little biased in our hot drinks choices), I think some of our clients book in follow up appointments just to get another cup!

We first want to hear about your plans for your big day; it’s important for us to know a little more about our clients, what they are aiming to create and how we can get the suit looking great alongside the venue, it’s décor and the general vibe. We love to hear about all the different ways our couples want to celebrate. We’re always happy to provide recommendations from our awesome national wedding supplier network if you’re stuck for a photographer / DJ / videographer / bridal accessories, etc.

You may wear a suit every day, you may just bust one out for special occasions, or you may have never worn one. It makes not a jot of difference to us, we take the same approach whoever you are. We are pretty adept at judging what size you wear as a starting point, and we’ll get you into a suit as soon as possible. This is a no-brainer: you’ve come to see us to see if you’d like to wear our suits, so let’s get started straight away. You can try on all our suits, combinations of colours or head straight to the suit you spotted online; we’re happy to let you lead the way.

Once you’re in your suit, you can snap a few photos to mull over later, try out a few ideas with our large range of accessories, and if you’re opting for made to measure, we’ll take our full set of measurements. And if you’re happy, we’ll move things forward with a booking by taking a 25% deposit to confirm your date in our diary, or if the suits are to be bought, we’ll either take payment to get a suit on order straight away, or arrange to get another date in the diary 3 months prior to the wedding date to revisit sizing.

We are all about the groom, we know that the world of wedding dress shopping has had it much better for a long time, with fizzy wine and fawning over the bride, but we can are upping the ante with our great service and fantastic suits.

The next step in the process, and what we’ll be covering in the next blog post, is our group fitting sessions, where family and groomsmen all come to the shop to try on suits and get their sizes recorded.

To book an appointment with us, call us on 01234 910620, or email – we’d love to hear from you.

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