Group Fitting Appointments - What to Expect Pt 2

This is part two of our little series on “what to expect” when you visit us.. (part 1 is here) and we’re telling you all about our Group Fitting Appointments.

So you’ve managed to organise, through the complex communication mediums of WhatsApp group messaging, texting, handwritten note and carrier pigeon and, somehow, all the important men in your life are together, in Bedford of all places. This is where the group fitting session will take place.

So first we’ll tell you little about Bedford: it’s a beautiful community-spirited town with a whole host of great independent pubs and eateries, so booking an appointment either side of lunchtime is a great plan so you can make the most of your trip. Ask us if you’d like recommendations and you certainly will receive (and stay tuned for our next series of posts).

We find that the promise of the amber nectar also helps our grooms coordinate getting their troops to our shop, so alongside our teas and coffee, we stock complementary local beers. Currently our house lager is Dry Hopped Lager, and our ale is Triple Hopped IPA, both courtesy of Charlie Wells, brewed locally here in Bedford. We do have the odd guest beer available too, it depends on what we’re digging at the time. We like to make this appointment a little event in itself; sometimes the groomsmen are just meeting for the first time, other times it’s a chance for friends to reunite after some time apart. And some mates, well they are attached at the hip and this is like every other day.

We try to make our fitting sessions as painless as can be, so we are like a well-oiled machine in these appointments; while you wait you can lounge, have a drink and catch up, and we’ll take names and work through the list, getting the group into suits. At this point the accessories and suit colour are generally already chosen, so this appointment is just about getting the sizing right. We have two changing rooms and can generally get a group of 6 people fitted in an hour. We have shirts available for folks to wear, or they can bring their own. It’s a good idea to bring shoes similar to the ones to be worn on the big day so we can check the trouser lengths are correct. We’ll note down everyone’s sizing and get those booked into our inventory, so you don’t need to keep track.

Once the sizing is complete, you’re all done, and the next time we’d see you is at suit collection. Our next blog post will share the collection process, how to plan and what to expect.

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